Quality sheds & aviaries
manufactured in South Australia

Custom Sizes and Designs Available.
Call our helpful staff on 08-8297-3666 and ask about our special sizes.

Custom Shed Options

Custom sizes – 150mm increments worked back from larger product

Doors:         Wider Door sizes available up to 1.2m 

                    Fully welded frame door in colour or zinc skin

                    Sliding Doors up to 1.2 wide and include pelmet and track

Keyed door locks – Some companies use the same key for all sheds, not us we have 1000 combinations

Windows: Sliding Windows 700mm x 900mm or custom 

                 5 Blade Lourve windows in colour and zinc

Single Shelves- To suit wall 1.53m, 2.27m and 3.02m. Support bracing each end and/or diagonal bracing in the centre.

Bike Rails- To suit wall 1.53m, 2.27m , 3.02m and 3.76m

Steel Frame Kit Can be added to any Garden Master shed 50×50 galvanised posts with 38×25 galvanised rails. Easy to add now or install later. A must if you are planning on insulating and lining. 

Shovel/Broom – Maximise your space by getting you shovel, rakes, brooms etc. off the ground

Benches- 50 x 50 galvanised legs with 3mm galvanised top. Tell us what you need and we will make it.

Shadow boards

Spinaway roof vents- Reduces the radiant heat in your shed

Rotating bird feeders- Don’t risk loosing your birds when feeding. Rotating feeders can be filled from outside your aviary.

Heavy duty mesh added to a zinc enclosure + 10%, Colour is plus 12%

Chicken nesting boxes- Sourced and manufactured locally 

Pump shed vents- a must for pool pumps


5 blade louvre window

Available in Zinc and Colour.


Double doors. Available in opening sizes from 1.5m to 2.4m. Single doors are 780mm. Wider single door are available.


Skylight panel

Opaque 6oz fibreglass sheet


Colour channel

Tuscan Red, Smooth Cream or Caulfield Green trim available for 10%, other colours 30% extra.


Higher walls

 1.96m or 2.09m, standard is 1.83m


Heavy-duty frame kits

Extra strength for any Garden Master shed. The ultimate heavy duty storage centre.


High security kit

Includes extra door braces and  door lock.


Locking door handle

T-Bar door handle.


Shedbase™ flooring system. Galvanised base, joists and treated pine decking. Instructions and fixings.


TC1 Anchors

Terrain catagory 1 anchors. Quantity required depends on sheds size.


Temporary soil anchors

Set of 200mm tent pegs.


TC2 Anchors

Terrain catagory 2 anchors installed at 600mm centres with a 10×50 dynabolt


Guttering kits

125 D gutter, end caps, internal brackets and pop.


Shelf kit- Three shelf kit is 900mm x 250mm.
Single shelf kits are available in 1.53m, 2.27m and 3.02m at 250mm wide


Tiered Plant Stands

1, 2 or 3 tiers. 1440mm or 2190mm shelf length. Contact us if you require a special size.


Solar shed light

Solar shed light



Available Finishes

Australian BlueScope steel colour range in Corrugated finish or Garden Master profile in the following colours




Woodland Grey


Mountain Blue Discontinued


Classic Cream




Pale Eucalypt



Notes on shed material:

Our sheeting is currently being changed over to the new colour range. Most of the colours are the same however we have limited stock of Rivergum which is being replaced with Pale Eucalypt. The Pale Eucalypt colour is a little lighter then Rivergum. You may find that your shed is supplied with a Rivergum roof and Pale Eucalypt walls. This combination of the darker roof and lighter walls works well. Discuss this at your time of order if this is a concern. 

We are now part of the BlueScope buy program with most of our product coming directly from BlueScope. We are still running some a small amount of our old sheeting which is not a BlueScope  product, discuss this at your time of order if this is a concern. 

Please check actual colour samples prior to purchase as the colour on your technology might not give correct shade. Federation Sheds include trim and channel in Tuscan Red, Caulfield Green or Smooth Cream. Trim and channel are available with all other sheds in Tuscan Red, Caulfield Green and Smooth Cream for 10% extra. Other colours may be available for 30% extra. Please enquire.