Quality sheds & aviaries
manufactured in South Australia

  • We do a lot more to make a better shed for you.
  • Every supplied shed comes with an assembly kit, we have found that we supply up to 50% more tech screws than other manufactures. 
  • Our supporting channel around the shed is made from galvanised steel rather then Zinc coated steel. We use Galvanised steel because it is designed to be used outdoors and will last for many years. Zinc coating on the other hand is meant for internal use and will not stand the test of time.
  • Our ridge beam is very strong, not only that, when you purchase a truss shed we make it even stronger. We do this because this is what is needed to provide a quality product.
  • Like most manufacturers we pass on the warranty supplied by the manufacturer. Where we differ is that our warranty is a 12 year structural warranty. Some individual items are covered by separate warranties.
  •  We spend a bit more time providing a better solution.
  • We use a “J” Channel around our sheds, It is smaller at the front to enable any captured water to flow out. We have tested other lesser quality channels and find them to be weak and not fit for purpose. We also ensure our channels gain thickness as your shed grows in size. 
  • Our products use deep ribbed, up to 0.4mm gauge high tensile zinc or colour steel sheeting and a heavy gauge channel section. Our Acerwall sheeting has 5 pans  and two additional formed strengthening ribs between each pan to improve the overall strength. Others are using 0.3 BMT or less, on the surface this may not seem like much, however, in the steel game this is quite a lot. This additional thickness will provide a better, stronger product. In shed terms this is up to 25 % stronger than many others. Our products also visually appear stronger.
  • Our doors have Square Hollow Steel (SHS) inserted on each side, this improves the feel and strength of the door. Others use a triangular plates or braces, they are simply looking for the cheapest option. While cost is a consideration we aim to supply a quality product.
  • Custom sizes are easy. Much of the shed can be customised to suit your location.
  • Wind rating: Category 1 and Category 2 rating: The difference between the two is simply how it’s held down. Cat 2 uses a 3mm thick galvanised angle bracket, 50mm dynabolt and a 8mm bolt/nut washer. Quantity is determined by the size of the shed. Cat 1 is the same dynabolt however we use a mechanical held clip over the channel. Others use a tech screw and a tiny 5mm dynabolt.
  • Although we have a boxed shed product, most of our sales are of pre-assembled sheds. This means that our factory staff take care of most of the work, because we do this every day the workmanship is top quality.
  • Our windows are made in SA and are supported by SHS that’s inserted each side of the window, the SHS travels from the top of the wall to the bottom of the shed.
  • South Australian labour is used in our shed. Because you are purchasing a SA product your hard earned money will stay in SA. This helps our economy now and into the future.
  • The tech screws we supply are 10 gauge class 4, other use a smaller class 3 which is a lessor quality fastener.
  • We support jobs in South Australia. All our steel coils are sourced from Adelaide. “Keep it in SA”
  • We manufacture all of the sheeting, channels and flashing’s at our Adelaide factory.
  • Confidence in purchasing as we have been making sheds right here in SA for over 40 years.
  • Garden Master is proudly a 100% South Australian owned company.

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SA made & owned


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