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Purchasing a shed is a long term investment and needs to meet all of your particular requirements. To help you make the right decisions about each and every aspect of your shed, here are some points to consider.

1.Decide what size you need.

Are you after a small shed for just a few garden tools, or do you need a workshop with storage for a car or boat? We have a large range of sizes available, from 0.78m x 0.78m (Compact Storage Shed) all the way up to 7.49m x 3.76m (Maximum Storage Shed). Dimensions quoted are for the outside of walls, this is the footprint of your shed. The roof can overhang this measure by 100-300mm (check picture of the style you are looking at as this will show where the roof overhang is). Please check if this could be an issue. Allow approximately 600mm from any fence line, (although smaller sheds may be pushed back into position) this will ensure the installer has enough room to screw off the roof and also meet with council regulations (check with your local council if you are not sure).

2.Select a style you like. 

Zinc sheeting or colour sheeting to match your house? Keep in mind the style of your house as your shed will be there a long time. Do you want the shed to be a feature? Check the Retro, Cave and Federation styles, or do you want it to be unobtrusive?  Take a look at the Compact and Convenience range. What will you do with the water runoff? If you want it to run to one side consider a Skillion, Compact or retro style. Do you need gutters. If it needs to be hard up on another structure then the Shedmaster may be the one for you (water runoff is to the sides).  If special sizes are needed then contact us and we can talk you through what we can do for you.

3. Choose the options you want.

This is your shed, make it work for you.  Do you need double doors or a sliding door, hinges can be on the left or the right and the door in a specific location. Do you need a lockable T-Bar handle or higher walls? Are you in need of a skylight, shelf or work bench and vice. Check through the options available and select which are important to you.

4. What sort of base will you use?

Concrete, pavers or our portable Shed Base. This is up to your budget and situation, however: You will need to consider how you will keep the floor of your shed waterproof. If concrete is your choice then a correctly installed concrete slab with a waterproof membrane should be considered. If a portable base is selected then ensure the ground is level before installing. Alternatively our installer can bolt the shed to your existing pavers. We also have temporary pegs for installation directly on dirt. We are only too happy to give advice however Garden Master will not take responsibility for any site work or issues as a result of a poor site design and/or preparation.


5. Place your order. 

Fill in a Contact Us form found on our web page or download the ordering specifications form under the How to buy tab and email to us. Alternatively call us directly on 08 8297 3666.



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