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Site inspections

Book a Site Inspection for Your New Shed & Ensure a Successful Installation

At Garden Master, we understand that your shed needs to fit your space perfectly. That's why we offer expert site inspections as a key part of our services. One of our site professionals will visit your location to assess your site and gather essential information to ensure your shed is designed and customised to your requirements.

When conducting site inspections, we consider the following aspects:

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    Space Availability

    Assessing the available area to determine the optimal shed size and placement within your property.

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    Terrain and Ground Conditions

    Examining the ground surface, soil type, and slope to ensure a stable and suitable foundation for the shed.

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    Access and Clearance

    Checking for adequate access routes for shed delivery and installation, including any potential obstacles that need to be addressed.

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    Local Regulations

    Reviewing local zoning laws, building codes, and regulations to ensure that the shed design and placement comply with all requirements.

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    Environmental Factors

    Evaluating the surrounding environment, such as drainage patterns, vegetation, and nearby structures, to minimise potential issues and maximise the shed's functionality.

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    Utility Connections

    Considering the availability of utilities like electricity, water, and gas, and planning for their integration if required for the shed's intended use.

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    Customer Preferences

    Discussing specific customer preferences, including shed style, materials, colour, additional features (e.g., windows, skylights), and any customisation options.

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    Budget and Timeline

    Providing estimates on project cost and timelines based on the site inspection findings and customer requirements.

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    Safety and Accessibility

    Ensuring that the shed location and design prioritise safety and ease of use, especially if the shed will be used frequently.

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    Long-Term Durability

    Confirming that the shed's placement and foundation will support its structural integrity and longevity.

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